Torcianna's is a WPIC certified wedding planning and floral design atelier founded by Lead Planner/Stylist, Yasheca Torcianna. She serves regions across New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. For those who are not based in the tri-city area, she also provides virtual consulting and planning and available for travel. Working with us is truly a unique experience. There's simply nothing that worth more than to cater to each couple and create amazing custom designs that we have developed as a team and execute an event unlike anything in the market.  Wedding planning and event design is a collaboration on all levels. The same way our couples choose us to work for them, we choose them in return.

-First, we actually just focus on you, who you are, your love story and what you want from your experience down to the smallest details including all of the impossible ideas that you would want to incorporate. 

-Next, we still focus on you, your personality, style, colors, textures, sounds and even smells that you want featured.

 Slowly, these elements come together to create an immersive experience that can only be described as utterly you.

-From there we will collaborate with crafters, rental agencies, wholesalers, artists, and other designers to create a detailed design plan that takes into consideration your venue, lighting colors, flow and ideas while maximizing your overall decorating investment. 

-During your formal event design presentation, we will present to you with full color visuals, descriptions and a mock  table design which includes a detailed design direction ranging from invitations and paper to flower selections, place settings and seating plans. Every element concerning the style and design of your event will be discussed. These steps have been proved to be a perfect process for creating magazine quality weddings with incredible detail as well as being an enjoyable wedding experience.

So what are you waiting for? If you are still reading this, I think we are a match and would love to meet you!

In order to secure our services you can start off by reaching out by email at (hello@Torcianna.com ) You will want to include your wedding date, your venue , and areas of  inspiration or simply a link to your Pinterest Board.



Impeccable events don’t just happen they are the result of hard work, creativity, awareness and careful attention to detail…every detail! While based in New Jersey I don't know exactly the price of a wedding we haven't planned yet? 


The truth is, your wedding (or event!) will cost as much as you'd like it to, it's your day and your choice with a price tag. All pricing is custom and based on your design ideas. Creating weddings with our signature style does require a flexible budget, however on average the past events that we designed ranges from $2,000 - $30,000 with more elaborate events including floral services they tend to run to the upwards of $100,000. The weddings you have seen here, pricing is additionally impacted by the location, the number of guests, menu selections, and your specific taste and style.  With such a broad base, where do we begin?

Some clients like to create their event, and we would just price it based on the dream.  Others come to me with a budget, and I create a design for them to that level, always including special little touches that set the day apart from the rest.  All weddings will receive a few projections to help you understand the way in which your budget can be allocated. This gives both of us the opportunity to discuss the business side of things in advance, and allows you the opportunity to ask questions so that you can truly understand where your money is going, and just how much it will buy.  


We will spend what it takes to create the experience you want, but never more than is necessary.   A wedding truly is a major investment.  We will look after your budget as if it were our own


Take a look at the starting investments on our services tab. 



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